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New WordPress Themes Now Available

This month we deprecated a number of older, rarely-used themes and added seven modern and exciting ones. The Commons tries to limit WordPress theme choices to around 50 themes so that our Dev team can more easily manage their updates and monitor any vulnerabilities. If you have a particular theme you want, we can install […]

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Introducing Block Widgets

There is a big change in the way widgets are handled with the release of WordPress 5.8. Previously, Commons members added widgets to “widget areas” (sidebars, footers, etc.) by going to Appearance>>Widgets or to Customize>>Widgets. There they found an array of widgets, some provided by WordPress, some provided by the theme, and some provided by […]

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CUNY Academic Commons Annual Report 2019-2020

The Commons Annual Report for 2019-2020 is now available to download! Released roughly six months later than usual due to the disruption of the pandemic, the report highlights the importance of the Commons to so many who are adapting to the world of remote teaching and learning. We have added 4,600 members since June (a […]

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Changes to Group Email Notifications

Commons 1.16.8, released on March 24, introduces a small but important change to group email notifications that makes it easier to see their subjects in your inbox, especially if you use a mobile device. Prior to this change, the group’s name would appear before the subject, making it hard to see what the notification was […]

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Sutori, Padlet, and VoiceThread Embeds Now Supported on the Commons

The Commons Dev team recently implemented code changes to support Sutori, Padlet, and VoiceThread embeds on WordPress sites. Actively engaged with the pedagogical needs of the CUNY community, the Commons provides an open source infrastructure that integrates both proprietary and non-proprietary resources. Here is a list of custom file and content types which can be […]

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