New WordPress Themes Now Available

This month we deprecated a number of older, rarely-used themes and added seven modern and exciting ones. The Commons tries to limit WordPress theme choices to around 50 themes so that our Dev team can more easily manage their updates and monitor any vulnerabilities. If you have a particular theme you want, we can install…

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New Year, New Commons!

Welcome to the 1.19 Release As the CUNY Academic Commons enters its 13th year, we’re thrilled to unveil a cornerstone for the years to come – a new homepage with a visual and functional overhaul that will eventually transform the entire platform. A quick visit to commons.cuny.gc.edu should give you an idea of what’s now…

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Introducing Block Widgets

There is a big change in the way widgets are handled with the release of WordPress 5.8. Previously, Commons members added widgets to “widget areas” (sidebars, footers, etc.) by going to Appearance>>Widgets or to Customize>>Widgets. There they found an array of widgets, some provided by WordPress, some provided by the theme, and some provided by…

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