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Events Calendar for Groups

Our newest feature is the Events Calendar. As we told you in our previous post, you can create Events as an individual or as a group.  This week we will take a closer look at creating events in a group context.   Calendar Navigation Find the Events link on the navigation bar on the left […]

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Introducing Commons 1.8!

The Commons Development team has just released Commons 1.8! With a special focus on helping groups communicate, Commons 1.8 delivers some great improvements, including its marquee feature, the Events Calendar. We hope you enjoy all the new functionality, described in more detail below. Events Calendar One of the most requested features by members has been a site-wide […]

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cc-licensed photo by Flickr user Bea Mahan https://www.flickr.com/photos/beamahan/14581667477/in/photolist-odwRHX-fBUxdB-fBDcfF-fwhwuh-ft6Qfx-fDCS74-fvFR32-hJ3j4K-gcDwew-gLBgLa-gq79G8-gnBgTx-fJ43Nx-hsn24v-hXP1Uu-g9MfWm-hDQRXU-hj4NQ6-fKnjSH-fH5aNX-gomser-fz255F-fGQ8zk-fHvCi2-fLexDK-fJvAH2-fHdRbs-fAQmei-fFohSp-fGgmXH-fEYDH1-fJgjwd-fASPaP-fuoUhp-frZ9fa-fCWRBh-gMkHam-ftB94X-fBLHwH-fsNw1c-6p9QNQ-fHU2zB-fr4WKG-fDbxLN-fvxgGj-fHctLW-fu7RX5-frm5wM-fxt6sU-ftKDCN

Commons 1.4 — Reply By Email!

The marquee feature of Commons 1.4 is the awesome BuddyPress functionality developed by the Commons Dev Team that lets members respond to email notifications directly from their inboxes. If you wanted to respond to a discussion forum post before Commons 1.4, you’d need to click on the hyperlink in an email notification, log into the […]

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Promoting Collaboration on the Commons

Many people who join the CUNY Academic Commons do so because they would like to collaborate with others across the CUNY system. The impetuses behind these collaborations range from shared academic interests to university-wide committee work to networking pages for innovative programs to intellectual explorations to just plain fun. And these kinds of collaborative efforts […]

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Changes to Forum Posting Interface for Groups

This is a quick post to let members of the community know that the Development team will be working on the interface for groups over the next few days. Up until now, members of groups could post to their group forums directly through the group homepage. While this was convenient, it didn’t work very well, […]

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