Promoting Collaboration on the Commons

go Many people who join the CUNY Academic Commons do so because they would like to collaborate with others across the CUNY system. The impetuses behind these collaborations range from shared academic interests to university-wide committee work to networking pages for innovative programs to intellectual explorations to just plain fun. And these kinds of collaborative efforts are exactly what the CUNY Academic Commons was intended to promote.

Our current design makes it easy for members to come together to form new groups, but we realize that we need to continue refining our interface to better allow for group conversations and collaborations. Certainly, there are a wealth of options available for group communications — group discussion forums, group wires, blogs, and wiki pages — but which ones are best and what do each of these options offer?

We’ll be writing up a series of posts in the coming weeks on these topics, and we’ll post them on the Help Blog. Please know that the development team is in the process of both assessing group needs and redesigning the group interface. We hope that both of these efforts will result in a design that better meets the needs of our members. And if you have feedback for us, please let us know in the comments of this post or by sending us an email.

Update: Please check out Maura Smale’s How Groups Can use the Commons

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