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Sunset of the Wiki

Early in the life of the CUNY Academic Commons, an important space for collaborative writing and for the sharing of open content was our Wiki – powered by MediaWiki . In recent years, users have preferred newer areas of the Commons – Sites, Group Docs, Social Paper – for this kind of functionality. As a result, we have decided to remove […]

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social paper

Welcome to Social Paper (beta)!

We are excited to announce the launch of Social Paper (beta), a networked writing environment that enables students to compose and share all forms of their written work across across courses, disciplines, institutions and academic terms. Likewise, students can browse and comment on the papers of their peers. Unlike many learning management systems or course […]

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calendar of events

Introducing Commons 1.8!

The Commons Development team has just released Commons 1.8! With a special focus on helping groups communicate, Commons 1.8 delivers some great improvements, including its marquee feature, the Events Calendar. We hope you enjoy all the new functionality, described in more detail below. Events Calendar One of the most requested features by members has been a site-wide […]

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paper sculpture

Welcome to “My Commons” – Your Personal Homepage!

Commons 1.7, our first major release of the Commons since April, includes a number of new improvements and some important, behind the scenes upgrades, as well as the release’s central feature, “My Commons.” My Commons “My Commons” is a new personal homepage that highlights the network of friends, groups, and the sites you develop on the Commons and is our […]

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Welcome to Commons 1.5!

We are pleased to announce CUNY Academic Commons, version 1.5! While this is our first major release in more than a year, to say that the Commons 1.5 milestone has been over four years in the making is certainly not an understatement*. Though the 1.5 release includes over twenty new features, below are some highlights. […]

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cc-licensed photo by Flickr user Bea Mahan https://www.flickr.com/photos/beamahan/14581667477/in/photolist-odwRHX-fBUxdB-fBDcfF-fwhwuh-ft6Qfx-fDCS74-fvFR32-hJ3j4K-gcDwew-gLBgLa-gq79G8-gnBgTx-fJ43Nx-hsn24v-hXP1Uu-g9MfWm-hDQRXU-hj4NQ6-fKnjSH-fH5aNX-gomser-fz255F-fGQ8zk-fHvCi2-fLexDK-fJvAH2-fHdRbs-fAQmei-fFohSp-fGgmXH-fEYDH1-fJgjwd-fASPaP-fuoUhp-frZ9fa-fCWRBh-gMkHam-ftB94X-fBLHwH-fsNw1c-6p9QNQ-fHU2zB-fr4WKG-fDbxLN-fvxgGj-fHctLW-fu7RX5-frm5wM-fxt6sU-ftKDCN

Commons 1.4 — Reply By Email!

The marquee feature of Commons 1.4 is the awesome BuddyPress functionality developed by the Commons Dev Team that lets members respond to email notifications directly from their inboxes. If you wanted to respond to a discussion forum post before Commons 1.4, you’d need to click on the hyperlink in an email notification, log into the […]

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New Feature: HTML Editor on Forums, Wires, Blogs

In response to member requests, we’re very happy to announce a new feature on the Commons: HTML editing buttons now appear throughout the site on text boxes. You’ll find these boxes on group discussion forums, member profile wires, and blog comment boxes. Please see the image below for an example. Due to security concerns, we’re […]

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New Feature: Email Notifications of Forum Posts

We’re delighted to announce a powerful new feature of the Academic Commons that should transform its use: members of the site will now receive email notifications when new posts are made to group discussion forums. This seems like a relatively basic function, but it was something that was missing in the native version of our […]

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