Welcome to “My Commons” – Your Personal Homepage!

"My Commons" Dashboard

Commons 1.7, our first major release of the Commons since April, includes a number of new improvements and some important, behind the scenes upgrades, as well as the release’s central feature, “My Commons.”

My Commons

“My Commons” is a new personal homepage that highlights the network of friends, groups, and the sites you develop on the Commons and is our biggest functionality change to date. It was created to provide a more personalized experience for members; allowing them to stay current with their Commons network. It constantly aggregates information that is relevant to you – what your friends are doing, what’s going on in the groups you belong to, and what new content and discussions are happening on the sites you follow.

When you log on to the Commons from the “Home” page you will now be redirected to “My Commons.”  This might feel a bit jarring at first – please be aware that you can always click back on the “Home” page to see site-wide activity, shop around for groups to join and sites to follow, and establish friendships with members who share similar interests.  The connections you develop are conveniently highlighted when you click back to “My Commons.”

You can read more about this new feature of the Commons on a separate post. We hope you’ll use its convenient interface to explore your Commons connections!

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