Events Calendar: What Can You Do With It?

The marquee feature of the new release of CUNY Academic Commons is the Events Calendar. There are lots of different ways that your group might choose to use this new tool. To get you thinking, we offer here some illustrative examples of how to leverage the Events Calendar.



Lectures and Meetings

Many groups, such as CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative, actively schedule lectures or arrange recurring meetings during the semester.  You can now post these on your group’s Events Calendar. Members of the group will receive an email notification when the event is posted to the calendar just as they do for other group activity such as Forum or Blog posts.


Graduate Classes

Use the Events Calendar to record the due dates of assignments. Students receive alerts when a due date is posted and, with a single click, can download the entry to their personal calendars to make sure they get their work done on time.



Get the word out about upcoming Conferences. Since you may add your event to multiple groups, it can appear on the Calendars of any groups that may have a shared or overlapping interest in any of the conference topic areas. Members of each of the groups will receive alerts at the time the Conference is posted on the Events Calendar. Members can also visit the Calendar on their group’s homepage at any time to peruse upcoming events.


More Information

For further details about how to use the Events Calendar or to explore a number of other features that are new with our 1.8 release visit the Commons Codex or check our previous posts on the Academic Commons News here and here.

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