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cc-licensed photo by Flickr user Bea Mahan https://www.flickr.com/photos/beamahan/14581667477/in/photolist-odwRHX-fBUxdB-fBDcfF-fwhwuh-ft6Qfx-fDCS74-fvFR32-hJ3j4K-gcDwew-gLBgLa-gq79G8-gnBgTx-fJ43Nx-hsn24v-hXP1Uu-g9MfWm-hDQRXU-hj4NQ6-fKnjSH-fH5aNX-gomser-fz255F-fGQ8zk-fHvCi2-fLexDK-fJvAH2-fHdRbs-fAQmei-fFohSp-fGgmXH-fEYDH1-fJgjwd-fASPaP-fuoUhp-frZ9fa-fCWRBh-gMkHam-ftB94X-fBLHwH-fsNw1c-6p9QNQ-fHU2zB-fr4WKG-fDbxLN-fvxgGj-fHctLW-fu7RX5-frm5wM-fxt6sU-ftKDCN

Commons 1.4 — Reply By Email!

The marquee feature of Commons 1.4 is the awesome BuddyPress functionality developed by the Commons Dev Team that lets members respond to email notifications directly from their inboxes. If you wanted to respond to a discussion forum post before Commons 1.4, you’d need to click on the hyperlink in an email notification, log into the […]

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Welcoming Ray and Dom to the dev team

Cross-posted from the CUNY Academic Commons Dev Blog The CUNY Academic Commons is delighted to welcome two new members to its development team: Raymond Hoh and Dominic Giglio. Raymond Hoh is one of the most respected members of the WordPress and BuddyPress community. Known around the WordPress community as r-a-y, Ray is a frequent contributor […]

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Boone Joins the BuddyPress Core Team

We’re very proud to announce that CUNY Academic Commons Lead Developer Boone Gorges has been named a core committer on the BuddyPress project, along with Paul Gibbs. Congratulations to both Boone and Paul! As Boone explains in his post about the promotion, this means that he has been “handed the keys” to the software; he […]

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New Feature: Email Notifications of Forum Posts

We’re delighted to announce a powerful new feature of the Academic Commons that should transform its use: members of the site will now receive email notifications when new posts are made to group discussion forums. This seems like a relatively basic function, but it was something that was missing in the native version of our […]

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