Boone Joins the BuddyPress Core Team

We’re very proud to announce that CUNY Academic Commons Lead Developer Boone Gorges has been named a core committer on the BuddyPress project, along with Paul Gibbs. Congratulations to both Boone and Paul!

As Boone explains in his post about the promotion, this means that he has been “handed the keys” to the software; he is one of five people whose contributions to the project have been so valued that they have been given the ability to make changes directly to the core code.

Needless to say, this is a rare honor, and it speaks to the excellent work that Boone has done on the Commons and on other projects. We are extremely lucky to have such a talented programmer working with us.

As Boone notes, this promotion speaks to the benefits of working on open-source projects. He writes:

It’s a very cool thing for me because I don’t have any formal background in programming or in software. Before roughly the spring of 2009, I had only a smattering of programming knowledge, and had never cracked the hood of WordPress or of BuddyPress. My work on the CUNY Academic Commons plunged me deep into the world of WordPress development. I found a natural home in the BuddyPress community, which is full of smart people thinking not just about how software works, but also about how it can enhance the ways we engage with each other online. I’m certain that I wouldn’t have been promoted to this position if I hadn’t been willing (and encouraged) to share, whether it be the free time I’ve spent writing patches for BuddyPress, helping others out on the forums, or writing code that is freely available (and supported with a smile!). It’s a testament to the fact that the extra effort it sometimes takes to share and to do one’s work in the open can come back to you many times over.

Choosing to release one’s hard work for free can be difficult, but as Boone shows, the rewards can be great. Congratulations to Boone and to Paul on this honor, and thank you to CUNY for supporting this work.

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