Sutori, Padlet, and VoiceThread Embeds Now Supported on the Commons

The Commons Dev team recently implemented code changes to support Sutori, Padlet, and VoiceThread embeds on WordPress sites. Actively engaged with the pedagogical needs of the CUNY community, the Commons provides an open source infrastructure that integrates both proprietary and non-proprietary resources. Here is a list of custom file and content types which can be […]

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cc-licensed untitled image by flickr user <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/gabriel_c/354012586/in/photolist-TPqy-4fbkqo-7hAyT8-RwiJNo-nFrzoD-biV1f6-tWYU-dZfpLk-bZcdZA-54GS7j-54CKsv-nTG8SV-fwJvFy-GZ1DiZ-7uhLcM-9EmFzR-rC4u5-54Dkr6-5udt7T-5i9gJC-S7UXv2-hhUk3-7Tzajj-5HPNpM-5FctXX-gYSNuc-3cv8Zg-9EsNqt-8nPfLt-Nq9Lgz-8BbAHd-xhpBh-phKFZy-CMXbdj-8i5UXY-54GzeJ-aMQBc8-7eLdh-aHkMET-bxqtu7-48FZJU-3JYQe2-VhUFqK-Ek8q9-bLkbD4-9gU5yQ-54Ca4i-bJk3Z-nFQ6TD-6KiHoB">Gabriel Cardenas</a>

Gutenberg – The New WordPress Editor

Block Editing WordPress 5.0 was released in early December and features a modern, new editor called “Gutenberg” that replaces the “Classic” editor that has been around for years. Gutenberg is one of the biggest and most controversial changes in WordPress history, and the web is filled with articles, both pro and con. Gutenberg’s user experience […]

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The Graduate Center Welcomes Two New Open Educational Technologists

The Graduate Center’s Teaching and Learning Center (GCTLC) and GC Digital Initiatives (GCDI) are pleased to announce the hiring of two Open Educational Technologists who will support open pedagogical projects at the GC and throughout CUNY. Their work will primarily center on support for teaching with the CUNY Academic Commons, Manifold Scholarship, and Vocat, three […]

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Announcing Version 1.14: Improving the Commons for OER Teaching and Research

Welcome to Release 1.14 Our new 1.14 release offers an array of enhancements to the Commons that respond to recent usage patterns and expanding interest in the Commons as an open solution for CUNY’s teaching, research, and scholarship. Our 1.13 release made it easier to add users to sites and groups on the Commons by […]

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Open Educational Technology Specialists

The Graduate Center’s Teaching and Learning Center (GCTLC) and Digital Initiatives (GCDI) teams are hiring two full-time Open Educational Technology Specialists who will help move forward our shared commitment to supporting homegrown, open source tools for teaching, learning, research and scholarship, including the CUNY Academic Commons and Manifold Scholarship. These positions are made possible by funding provided as […]

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cc-licensed image "And the light goes on and on and on..." by flickr user Vincent Brassinne

Teaching on The Commons

The Commons Team is constantly striving to make The CUNY Academic Commons a more robust platform for teaching. In the spring we released our new invitation system that makes it much easier to bring an entire class onto a to your course site. We have also published a guide, Commons Basics, for faculty new to the Commons. […]

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