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Welcome to Commons 1.5!

We are pleased to announce CUNY Academic Commons, version 1.5! While this is our first major release in more than a year, to say that the Commons 1.5 milestone has been over four years in the making is certainly not an understatement*. Though the 1.5 release includes over twenty new features, below are some highlights. […]

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cc-licensed photo by Flickr user Bea Mahan https://www.flickr.com/photos/beamahan/14581667477/in/photolist-odwRHX-fBUxdB-fBDcfF-fwhwuh-ft6Qfx-fDCS74-fvFR32-hJ3j4K-gcDwew-gLBgLa-gq79G8-gnBgTx-fJ43Nx-hsn24v-hXP1Uu-g9MfWm-hDQRXU-hj4NQ6-fKnjSH-fH5aNX-gomser-fz255F-fGQ8zk-fHvCi2-fLexDK-fJvAH2-fHdRbs-fAQmei-fFohSp-fGgmXH-fEYDH1-fJgjwd-fASPaP-fuoUhp-frZ9fa-fCWRBh-gMkHam-ftB94X-fBLHwH-fsNw1c-6p9QNQ-fHU2zB-fr4WKG-fDbxLN-fvxgGj-fHctLW-fu7RX5-frm5wM-fxt6sU-ftKDCN

Commons 1.4 — Reply By Email!

The marquee feature of Commons 1.4 is the awesome BuddyPress functionality developed by the Commons Dev Team that lets members respond to email notifications directly from their inboxes. If you wanted to respond to a discussion forum post before Commons 1.4, you’d need to click on the hyperlink in an email notification, log into the […]

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Upgrades to the Group Feature for Commons 1.1

Hello Everyone! As you’ve probably noticed there’s been a few changes to the Commons! We’ve rolled out Commons 1.1 and with it there are several exciting new additions to the Groups feature we’d like to share with you. The first thing you’ll notice is that you now have more control over how you receive email […]

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New Outreach Coordinator: Michael Smith

It gives me great pleasure and excitement to announce that Michael Smith, Assistant Professor of Communications Technology at York College, has agreed to join the CUNY Academic Commons Community Team as our new Outreach Coordinator. If you’ve been around the Commons for a while, you’re probably already familiar with Michael’s work, which includes the York […]

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Extra, Extra Tweet All About It!

I was checking out the agenda on the website for the Digital University Conference (planned by the The Digital University Conference Planning Committee Group on the Academic Commons) and stumbled across “Conference hashtag: #du10” on the right-hand side of the page. I clicked on the hyperlink, which introduced me to another great web2.0 tool Twapper […]

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New Feature: HTML Editor on Forums, Wires, Blogs

In response to member requests, we’re very happy to announce a new feature on the Commons: HTML editing buttons now appear throughout the site on text boxes. You’ll find these boxes on group discussion forums, member profile wires, and blog comment boxes. Please see the image below for an example. Due to security concerns, we’re […]

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A New Bug-Tracking System

When the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology first unveiled the Commons back in March of 2009, one particular page on our wiki saw more activity than almost any other part of the site: the Bug-Reports page. While we weren’t happy to hear that people had problems with the site, we held fast to the belief […]

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