PressCrew and Infinity Are Joining the Commons In A Box Team

The Commons In A Box project aims to provide universities and similarly minded organizations with a powerful, professional, free, and easy-to-use platform for community engagement. A central part of any such platform is its interface. CBox is built on BuddyPress and will work with any BP-compatible WordPress theme. Thus, organizations with the right kind of know-how will be able to use WordPress’s theming system to create a CBox interface for their community that is totally unique. At the same time, we believe it’s crucial that CBox comes pre-packaged with a default theme that will serve the purposes, both functional and aesthetic, of users who don’t have in-house WordPress development talent. This means that an excellent default theme is critical to the central aims of Commons In A Box: to bring the power of BuddyPress-based communities to organizations that don’t have the resources to build from scratch.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that the Commons In A Box default theme will be designed and built by Marshall Sorenson and Bowe Frankema of PressCrew, using their Infinity Theming Engine.

Infinity is a perfect fit for Commons In A Box. In the world of WordPress Themes, compatibility with BuddyPress is often absent, or an afterthought. Infinity, in contrast, was conceived and developed with BuddyPress in mind. For newcomers to WordPress and BuddyPress, Infinity’s unique configuration file system makes setup a snap. It’s just a matter of turning on and off features to customize your BuddyPress installation how you want it. And for those who do have some WordPress theme development experience, Infinity offers unparalleled features that make advanced customization both fast and easy. The ease with which designers can realize their creations is exactly why the team chose the slogan “More Freedom to Create”.

Just as important to Commons In a Box as Infinity itself are the developers behind it. Marshall is a longtime contributor to BuddyPress and the author of the popular BuddyPress Links plugin. Bowe is the founder of BP Tricks and one of BuddyPress’s most vocal supporters. “3 years ago I was starting out with BuddyPress and I needed something exactly like this,” said Bowe. “Now I’m creating it.”

Marshall and Bowe are as passionate about the value of free software as the Commons In A Box team: Infinity, like CBox, is GPL-licensed, costs nothing to download and use, and is open to contributions from the community of users and developers. Between PressCrew and Ray, we’re pleased to say that the Commons In A Box team probably contains more BuddyPress talent than any other project.

Welcome to the team, Marshall and Bowe!

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