Introducing Google Analytics for Your Blog

Have you always wondered how many people are visiting your blog on the Commons? The Commons team is happy to announce that visitor statistics reports are now available to the CUNY Academic Commons community via Google Analytics. New features in Google Analytics have made it possible for the Commons team to provide personalized reports to members who would like to remain updated on changes in their site traffic.

How do I get started?

If you would like to receive reports please write to to make your request.

How often will I receive reports?

Reports can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly. Members are able to select the day that their reports will arrive.

What sort of information is included in my report?

After indicating which blog (or blogs) you would like reports for, Google Analytics will email you a spreadsheet that will include statistics for:

Unique Pageviews
Average Time per Visit
Bounce Percentage
Exit Percentage

The report will include this data for the blog indicated and all of its pages and posts.

Can I stop the reports?

Absolutely. To stop receiving Google Analytics reports please contact to make your request.

Can I request reports for other members’ blogs?

No. In the interest of privacy we will not arrange for reports to be delivered for blogs other than a member’s own. Group blogs administered by several members of the Commons will be handled on a case by case basis and should contact with specifics.

We hope that offering these new tools to our community will help you better engage with your audience and give you a greater perspective of readers who visit the site. If you have any further questions on setting up your reports or have suggestions for other ways we can improve your experience please do not hesitate to contact us.

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