A New Design

Upon reaching the Commons today, you might have noticed that the site has undergone a pretty dramatic transformation. We hope you like our new look, which has been designed to make the site more attractive and more usable.

The revisions to our site design have involved both a visual makeover of the homepage and an upgrade of the platforms on which it runs. Due to the complex nature of the structural upgrade, we’re still catching bugs and cleaning our code, but we plan to have most of that work finished by Thursday morning.

In the interim, you may find a few wonky page elements and a few non-functioning links. Rest assured that we are combing through the site and picking off these bugs one by one. As we work on that task, we would appreciate your patience as we continue to ready the Commons for its official debut this Friday at the CUNY IT Conference.

Tomorrow, I’ll put up a post describing the changes we’ve made to the site. Again, thanks for your patience and thanks for contributing your voice to the Commons.

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